Top reasons to have frameless shower screens in your bathroom

Frameless glass screens are fast replacing the sliding shower doors and other conventional door types in modern homes. Here are the top reasons why should install them in your bathroom:


Frameless shower screens offer more visual space and therefore make the bathroom look and feel bigger than it is. The clean and invisible lines of these shower screens add a contemporary touch to the otherwise traditional looking bathrooms.


Frameless screens come in a huge variety of styles and designs. You can easily get the shower screen that best suits your bathroom décor needs and requirements to add unparalleled grace and elegance to your bathroom.


Framed doors and shower screens are a challenge for anyone. Soap scum and dirt and dust piles up throughout the edges of the frame and also underneath the frame, making it really difficult and time-consuming to clean them. Frameless screen are really easy to clean. Since there is just one large sheet, you can clean it quite easily and quickly.


Frameless screens are long-lasting since they do not have those pesky frames that are so susceptible to rusting.


Frameless screens permit light to come in from the outside and to flow freely all the way through the shower room. It minimises the need for artificial lighting which helps preserve energy and allows homeowners to save on their power bills.

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