Measuring For Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Measuring up for sliding wardrobe doors is quite straightforward, complicated only by the fact that most openings are not truly level and parallel. Fortunately sliding wardrobe doors do come with an element of adjustment to cope with these conditions.
Opening Height
Before measuring the opening height decide what the bottom track will be fitted onto. If you have a hardwood or laminate floor the track will fit directly onto this. However if you have carpet on the floor it is best to cut out a section of the carpet and replace it with a piece of timber 18mm high by 65mm to 100mm wide to fix your bottom track to. You may also have to remove a section of your skirting and ceiling coving to allow your tracks to fit tight to your walls, but this can be done when you are fitting your top and bottom tracks but remember to allow for this when taking your measurements.Once this is done you are ready to take sizes. Measure in three positions, left, middle and right, use the smallest size. The largest opening height we can accommodate is 2480mm. Our door can be adjusted to fit openings where the size varies by up to 20mm in the width and up to 12mm in the height. If your spaces varies by more than these sizes please call for advice on 0141 554 0011.
Opening Width

Measure the opening width at the top, middle and bottom and use the largest size.

Measurement Check List

  1. Minimum opening height after you fit any floor liners or make any adjustments to your opening.
  2. Maximum opening width.
  3. We require only the dimensions of your opening space NOT YOUR DOOR SIZES
  4. If in doubt or if you require advice please call 0141 554 0011