Fire Glass

• Fire Glass/Fire Resistant Glass is a specialist glass that has been certified to have a period of protection against fire. The degree of protection is dependent on the fire glass used but generally speaking fire glass is there to reduce the spread of Flames and smoke in event of a fire. There are also some fire glasses that offer protection against heat of a fire because of the insulation protection.

• Our fire glasses all comply with the relevant fire test standards. In order to achieve the protection rating certified, it is crucial that you are glazing into the correct frame type and using the correct installation materials. By not using the correct material, you will negate the fire rating.

• It is important to use fire glass where building regulations specify. If you are unsure on the type of fire glass required, please fill in our specification form, and we will be able to specify a fire glass suitable for the protection you are trying to achieve. Our online fire glass items should only be purchased, if you know this is the type of glass you require.

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