Bathroom Mirrors Cut To Size

Please note this price is for rectangular mirrors, should the mirrors be shaped due to walls/ceilings/tiles running off then the price may increase slightly after site survey.

Step 1 – Choose your mirror type.
Step 2 – Enter your sizes, finish and any extras.

Yes we offer supply and fit on mirrors in your area

Pay a 50% deposit per item
For bathroom mirrors above 2500 x 1200 please email with your approx. sizes, postcode of the property and photos of the existing area.
Square Meter : #={field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97dc.value}*{field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97f2.value}*.000001 =# m2
Linear Length : #=({field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97dc.value} + {field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97f2.value} + {field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97dc.value} + {field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97f2.value}) *.001 =# m
Polished Edges : £ #=({field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97dc.value} + {field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97f2.value} + {field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97dc.value} + {field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97f2.value}) *.0025 =#

Base Glass Price Before Any Options : £ #={field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97dc.value}*{field.wcpa-number-60ba33c2b97f2.value}*{product_price}=#

All edges will be polished
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