Float Glass Cut To Size


Step 1 – Choose your glass type.
Step 2 – Choose your glass shape.
Step 3 – Enter your sizes, finish and any extras.

In the UK it is a requirement to have safety glass fitted in certain areas of a window or door. Please see below image where the shaded parts indicate where you are legally required to use safety glass. If you need safety glass click here.


Square/Rectangle +
Oval +
Circle +
True Arch +
Trapezoid Right +
Trapezoid Left +
2 Radius Corners +
4 Radius Corners +
Rake Right +
Rake Left +
click here to see our full glass size guide
For maximum sizing, side A & B are reversible.
Square Meter : #={field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da80.value}*{field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da89.value}*.000001 =# m2
Linear Length : #=({field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da80.value} + {field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da89.value} + {field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da80.value} + {field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da89.value}) *.001 =# m

Base Glass Price Before Any Options : £ #={field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da80.value}*{field.wcpa-number-61ec733e1da89.value}*{product_price}=#


How would you like your edges?

Drilled Holes & Notches

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