The Many Benefits of Sliding Door Wardrobes

You can maximise the space in your room and create marvellous storage with sliding door wardrobes. You won’t lose a centimetre of floor space to swinging doors, and there is no wasted space inside the wardrobe. The look is sleek, the storage is impressive and you will love how organised everything is.


Make the Most of Your Space
There is no need to surrender a lot of floor space to the wardrobe. A sliding door wardrobe makes good use of any wall in the room. Built directly into the wall and hidden by large, sliding panels, these storage systems provide you with an incredible amount of storage in a very small space. Requiring only a small amount of floor space along one wall, you can easily store all of your clothing and accessories behind the sliding doors. Because all of the panels slide smoothly, you will be able to reach every nook and cranny of the wardrobe.


Stylish and Sleek
You can personalise the wardrobe doors to match the rest of the area. The panels are smooth and glide easily on concealed tracks, but you can customise their finished look. Choose mirrors, lacquered glass, beautiful wood grains or a combination. The choice is yours, and you are sure to love how it changes the feel of your room.


Get Organised
A proper wardrobe requires more than a rod for hanging clothes and a few drawers. You require shelves for all those accessories, boxes for hats and a place for shoes. Because wardrobe sliding doors are fitted from floor to ceiling, you can choose a customised wardrobe that will use all that extra space. With your clothes organised, you may even eliminate the need for other bedroom furniture.


Every Room
Fantastic wardrobes aren’t just for the bedroom, either. The sliding doors make them perfect for smaller rooms where swinging doors aren’t practical. Ideal for the home office, a sliding door wardrobe can store office supplies, photographs, your music collection and even games for the kids. From the playroom to the living room, sliding door wardrobes can help you get organised and enjoy more storage space.


If you need more storage in your home, consider the addition of a sliding door wardrobe. Ideal for bedrooms, they can also bring organisation and storage space to your home office and other living areas. Customise the doors to blend seamlessly with the other walls, or share some of your personality by choosing doors that will make a statement. You will adore the extra storage space, you will appreciate how much floor space is left and you will love how the sliding panels look.

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