Sliding Doors as Room Dividers

Sliding doors are commonly used on wardrobes but as we discussed a few weeks ago this isn’t the only place you will find them. Another great use for sliding doors is as a room divider. There are obviously many reasons why you may want to divide a room, the following are just a few of the situations where sliding doors could do the job.


Dividing Childrens Rooms


This is a great use for a sliding door room divider that is often overlooked. If you have two children of differing ages or interests, a room divider is a great way to turn one room into two without the hassle of installing a fixed partition. The great advantage of this is that the doors can easily be opened when they want to be together or have a larger space to play in.


Creating a Play Room


Another child centric idea is to create a playroom with a room divider. If you have children you will know that no matter how much you ask them to tidy up after themselves and run around tidying yourself, toys and other clutter never seem to go away. Creating a sectioned off part of a larger living space especially dedicated to childs play will make the assortment of toys lying around easier to bare since you can shut them away with sliding doors.


In the Workplace


Sliding door room dividers are very popular in the workplace and for good reason. They provide an excellent, cost effective way to section off a larger office space for any number of purposes. Perhaps the most popular is to create a private office for the management. Glass doors are a good option as they create a private place to conduct meeting whilst also allowing managers to look out and keep tabs on their workforce. Another use for sliding doors in the workplace could be to create a meeting or conference room.


Whatever your reason for splitting a room into two, sliding doors make a great way to do it. Don’t hesitate to look around our site for some ideas and take a look at some of the great options on offer.

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