More Than Just Sliding Door Wardrobes

Here at Forsyth Glazing we specialise in sliding door wardrobes but we also offer other products for use all over the home. From wooden interior doors to splashbacks for the kitchen sink and shower screens for the bathroom, here are just a few of the products we offer.


Shower Screens
If you want a standalone shower cubicle in the bathroom then a glass shower screen creates an accessible and modern looking space. You can enhance the appearance of the shower screen with a bespoke design on the glass to give it a fully personalised look.


A glass splashback panel can be used within a kitchen or bathroom and is used to protect any porous surface where water or other types of liquid could regularly come into contact and cause damage. Places where these would be used are around the sink to protect against water splashes when washing up and around the cooker to protect against food splashes.


Frameless Glass Doors
To create an effortless join between any two rooms within the house, say for example between the living room and dining room, frameless glass doors can create an unobtrusive but private transition. The frameless effect offered by this type of glass door is very modern and allows plenty of light to filter through the room.


Whilst these may be more suitable for offices, glass balustrades could still make a stylish addition to a home. There are different kinds available including channel systems which have no posts or ones that integrate posts into the rails. Having a glass balustrade allows light to easily travel through the house and create a lovely living environment.


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