Create Space with Sliding Door Wardrobes

Creating space within a home can be hard if the room is an odd design, or you are downsizing and need to fit existing bedroom furniture into a smaller room. All too often a room can look big until you start putting in a bed, bedside tables, a dressing table and, of course, the wardrobes and drawers.


Often furniture can fit into a room but as soon as you have to open drawers and wardrobe doors you notice that you can no longer walk around the room freely. The space quickly becomes a challenge; you can’t open the wardrobe and the drawers at the same time, and negotiating around open wardrobe doors becomes a problem.


One solution is to invest in a wardrobe with a sliding door. The systems of sliding doors on wardrobes are a fantastic space saver as you no longer need to open a wardrobe door into the room. The amount of space taken up by the wardrobe remains the same. Wardrobes with sliding doors can come in a vast array of colours and designs so there is plenty of choice.


It can also be a fantastic way of incorporating a mirror into the existing room space without having to drill holes or place a mirror on the floor. Mirrors also create an illusion of extra space and can make a room brighter.

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