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Why Choose Glass Worktops?


Following on from our blog about glass splashbacks, glass worktops are another feature that can bring practical and aesthetic benefits to your kitchen.


Safe and Hygienic


In the kitchen, with heavy footfall and frequent food preparation, glass worktops can ensure safety and hygiene. Glass worktops are non-porous, meaning they are easy to clean and are stain resistant, so its appearance can easily be maintained in the future. They are also strong – the thickness and fire resistance of the glass ensures safety, even during heavy usage; and glass behind the hobs can be strengthened for extra reassurance. The glass can also be cut, for example to allow for sinks, taps, hobs and plug sockets. The worktops do not require joins, and are bespoke to perfectly fit into a space, giving your kitchen a smooth and clean appearance.


Modern and Unique


Aside from the practical benefits, glass worktops ensure a sleek and sophisticated alternative to traditional worktop materials. The unique look, with an almost unlimited amount of colours to choose from, means glass worktops can suit any kitchen style. Glass can also be installed as a table top, as a complement to the worktops, creating a focal point within any kitchen. You could opt for bright, funky colours for a bold and modern look; or alternatively choose a darker colour to suit a more traditional kitchen style. The translucent characteristic of the glass offers extra light, making kitchens look more spacious.


Flexibility on a Tight Budget


Although glass splashbacks are generally a higher overall cost than most other splashback options, they offer long-lasting, unique and low maintenance protection for any kitchen. For those on a tight budget, glass splashbacks can still be used – the cost will be reduced the smaller the area to be covered. If the splashback is to be installed in one area, for example around the hob, costs will be significantly lower than covering a whole wall. The amount of modifications, such as cut outs, will increase the price; as will installation and delivery if required. Therefore the cost of glass splashbacks can be kept to a minimum if managed well.




The flexibility of glass worktops, including options such as strengthening and cut outs, means that you can more easily manage the cost of the worktops if on a tight budget. The reduced maintenance and long-lasting appearance means glass worktops are a fantastic investment, potentially reducing costs in the future. Style-wise, the simple, modern aesthetics are timeless, ensuring it will never look outdated.


At Forsyth Glazing we offer a ten-year guarantee and recommend buying a sample before ordering. If you’re interested in purchasing your worktops from us, follow the steps to obtain a quote.

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