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Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Design & Order

Fitting Instructions

Figure 1 Figure 2
figure1.jpg figure6.jpg
Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 5 Figure 6
figure5.jpg figure6.jpg
  • Figure 1: Check the opening width and height correspond with sizes ordered N.B.: Check top, bottom, left side and right side
  • Figure 2: Fit you interior first if required
  • Figure 3: Fit top and bottom track N.B.: Always fit top track first then the bottom track, which should be 25mm further back into the wardrobe than the top track (bottom/top track may require to have additional holes drilled). The top track can be fitted with the longer side to either the front or back. Minimalist doors - Front edge of top and bottom track to be aligned vertically.
  • Figure 4: Always fit the back door/doors first - position it inside the top track and then locate the bottom wheels onto the bottom track
  • Figure 5: Locate the anti jump clips into the bottom track by turning them through 90 degrees and pressing them down into the bottom track and then close them back through 90 degrees N.B.: The anti jump clips are blue and look like a flag, it stops the doors coming off the tracks. N/A to Minimalist.
  • Figure 6: Plumb the doors/line them up with the sides by adjusting the screw on top of the bottom wheels N.B.: This is best done from inside the wardrobe with the doors closed if there is enough room. N/A to Minimalist.

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