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How to Fix a Mirror to the Wall


This how-to guide and accompanying video will take you through the process of how to fit a mirror onto the wall. We will be covering both a method using screws and a method using adhesive. Whichever method you are going with but particularly if using adhesive, ensure that the first thing you do is check that your wall is clean and dust free. If in doubt, you're probably best to paint and prime the wall.


Fixing a Mirror to the Wall with Adhesive

  1. The first thing to do is to choose an extra strong adhesive that is suitable for mirrors. Check the packaging for a specific mention of this suitability.
  2. Apply generously to the back of the mirror in the form of evenly spaced lines.
  3. Place temporary supports against the wall to help hold the mirror in place until the adhesive has set.
  4. Position the mirror on the wall resting on the supports and press firmly.
  5. Take the few minutes before the adhesive begins to set properly to ensure the mirror is straight with a spirit level. Make subtle adjustments to get it right without moving the mirror drastically.
  6. Apply masking tape to the top corners of the mirror to help hold it in place.
  7. Leave the supports and masking tape in place for at least 24 hours to give the adhesive a chance to set.

Fixing a Mirror to the Wall with Screws

  1. Place temporary supports against the wall to help hold the mirror in place during the fixing process.
  2. Position the mirror and use a spirit level to ensure it is straight.
  3. Using a pencil, mark the positions of the holes on the wall.
  4. Temporarily remove the mirror and insert appropriate wall fixings into the wall to accept the screws.
  5. Position the mirror once again and insert rubber grommets into holes before finally screwing into place.
  6. Ensure the mirror is well secured but refrain from over tightening the screws to avoid damage to the wall or mirror itself.
  7. Finish with decorative screw caps and remove supports.


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