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Choosing Colours for a Bedroom


bedroom-colour-choices.jpgColour is known to significantly affect mood so the colour schemes of the rooms in your home can be very important to get right. This is especially true in the case of the bedroom; your bedroom decoration is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning so can affect mood drastically.


Choosing the Right Colours

Red - Red is a very stimulating colour and is often associated with emotions such as anger. In the bedroom your priority is to relax so red really isn’t the best choice. It’s not quite so bad in small doses however and can make a great choice for a feature wall.

Blue - Blue is quite a popular choice for bedrooms but another that may not be the best. It’s quite a harsh colour and can bring cold feelings which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to be warm and comfortable in bed.

Green - Green is considered a good choice for the bedroom as it can be calming and is thought to provoke positive thoughts and help reduce the chance of nightmares. Being surrounded by too much green has been associated with laziness and complacency so it’s probably a bad choice if you have trouble getting out of bed!

Yellow - Yellow is a very nice warm colour but it is considered by many to be a little bit too lively for use in the bedroom. It’s also been linked to increased negative emotions.

Pink & Purple - Pink and purple are both colours that are regularly used for girls rooms but they can be really quite vivid and could theoretically affect sleep quality. Consider a shade of lilac instead which is far more calming.


Does Colour Really Matter?

Having said all that, at the end of the day the effect of colour on mood is completely dependent on the individual person. It’s also very important to choose a colour that you are happy with generally since you will be spending a lot of time around it.


Making the Most of Colour

When we talk about the colour scheme of your bedroom we obviously aren’t just talking about the colour of the paint on the walls. It’s also about using fabrics and other accessories effectively to tie the whole room together. If you have a particular bedroom item you are fond of like a set of curtains or a picture or painting, it can make a great starting point for a colour scheme. Extract a few key colours from the item and then use it to tie the whole room together.

Once you’ve decided on a base colour for your bedroom you can make use of a colour wheel to find a range of complimentary colours. You might paint one wall a slightly different colour as a feature or simply include these colours in accessories for the room.

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