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Why are glass splashbacks so popular?




Of the extensive variety that is available for use in kitchens, such as granite, wood, veneer, quartz, marble, tiles, and many others, glass splashbacks are the most popular of all. More and more homeowners these days prefer glass splashbacks and glass worktops.


One of the major reasons behind the increased popularity of glass splashbacks is their unmatchable beauty. Glass has a unique beauty of its own. The natural propertiy of glass allows light to reflect and refract back, creating a beautiful coloured glow which fills the whole worktop or splashback. Glass worktops and splashbacks fill the whole kitchen with light and colour. Depending on one’s taste and preference, one can go for bold coloured glass or soft and subtle shades to significantly improve the style and look of one’s kitchen. 


Glass splashbacks are as hygienic as they are beautiful. Unlike other materials, the surface of glass splashbacks is not pitted or uneven nor is it textured. These splashbacks are made out of a single sheet of preformed and moulded glass which helps reduce the number of places in which bacteria could hide. Wood and veneer splashbacks peel and break and granite worktops have porous surface that allows bacteria to hide and breathe therein, posing health hazards to homeowners. Splashbacks made out of glass offer real benefits in terms of health and hygiene.


Glass doesn’t stain very easily. Be it curry, sauces, lemon juice, vinegar, or beetroot, these can not pose any harm to your splashbacks and worktops made of glass. Further, glass is incredibly easy to clean. Stains of day to day cutting, chopping, and cooking can easily be cleaned with a quick spray and a wipe. This is another reason why glass splashbacks have made their way to most modern homes where people live a busy lifestyle and do not have lot of time for upkeep and maintenance of their kitchen and bathrooms. Glass splashbacks allow one to keep one’s kitchen spick and span, without spending much time.  


Contrary to the popular belief, glass is not as delicate as it seems to be. Splashbacks and worktops for kitchen are made from toughened glass. These are extremely tough and very strong and can withstand all sorts of pressure being put on them by utensils, cutting, chopping, kneading, and other activities that place inside the kitchen.

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